HC-535 Pre-Boiled Filtered Water Dispenser


  • Touch Button Control, Intelligent Water Dispenser
  • LED Digital Display: Hot, Chilled & Ambient Water Temperature
  • With Power, Water Level, Heating and Chilling Display Lights
  • Pre-boiling function: ensures pre-boiled Hot, Ambient & Chilled water
  • Patented Heat Exchange Technology: cools down filtered boiling water rapidly before it flows to Chilled & Ambient Water Tanks
  • Energy Saving: adjustable Hot and Chilled Water Temperature and operating time setting
  • High temperature auto-flush setting for cleaning and sterilization
  • Automatic Digital Re-boiling Control
  • Automatic Water Inflow and Shut-off Control
  • Quick Hot and Chilled Water Recovery
  • Filter Replacement Alert
  • Durable Graphite Stripe Steel Casing
  • Large Splash-proof Drain Tray and High Dispensing Gap
  • Hot Water Safety Lock
  • Automatic Shut-off Operation when empty boiling, over-heat, power leakage or suspension of power or water supply
  • Panasonic ELCB safety equipment
  • Panasonic Compressor: Durable and Stable Cooling System
  • Water Leakage Detection and Automatic Shut-off Control
  • Connectible to coffee machine, ice maker or other devices 
  • Accessible Braille Design
  • IEC and EMC Safety Certification


  • Dimension:(W) 430 x (D) 455 x (H) 1350 mm (±5mm)
  • Voltage:220-240V 50Hz
  • Heating Power:1200W / 1800W (23L Hot Water)
  • Chilling Power:200W
  • Water Pressure:40 - 80psi
  • Water Tank Capacity:Ambient (8 L), Hot (15 L / 23 L), Chilled (5 L)
  • Recovery Rate:( Hot ) 32 / 48 L per Hour,  ( Chilled ) 20 L per Hour

Made In Taiwan

Built-In Filtration System: Nano Filtration

Nano Filtration (NF) - 4-Stage Filters

Output Rate of Filtered Water: 1.9 Liter per Minute

  1. Sediment Pre-Filter / 5 Microns
  2. Carbon Block Pre-Filter
  3. Hollow Fibre Membrane / 0.01 Micron
  4. GAC Carbon Post Filter