• With over 15 years experience in water filtration industry

    We specialise in provision of professional solutions of water filtration, equipments and water dispenser systems. Our products have incorporated the most advanced water purification technology to assure the purity of natural healthy drinking water.

  • Aqua Vital Water Filtration Systems Ltd.

    We value our customer and continue to strive for improvement in our technology, product design and quality, and our service standard. With commitment and persistency, we established our own brand - AquaVital in 2006 to further develop our products and enhance confidence of our customers with the assurance of products and service quality.

    AquaVital product series are assembled with high quality parts and components from international premium brands including DOW FILMTEC, MATSUSHITA, CALGON, JOHNGUEST and PANASONIC etc. Our products carry unique professional design and utilize the most advanced Reverse Osmosis ("RO") and Nano Filtration System as the core technology. It is an art of quality living combined with cost effective solution to provide fresh, pure and healthy water to different kinds and needs of customers ranging from large corporations, small sized enterprises, schools and household individuals.